Squeezebox: Semiotics
Squeezebox Mix [1:20:53]download MP3 (184M)
Techno bounce warm it up like spring.
Lord Dubious: Dubwise Steppin'
Lord Dubious mix download MP3 (83M)
Yet another in a long series of dub discs, "Dubwise Steppin" finds Dubious dropping dubstep into the bassbin with drastic results. Big UK digi vibes here- classics of varying vintage. Beats, bass and effects. D-U-B.
Lord Dubious: Big Bad and Bold
Lord Dubious mix download MP3 (80M)
Lord Dubious: Big Bad and Bold
Straight from the late night dancehalls to your stereo's speakers comes a big mix from the one called Dubious. Old school and crucial. Big ups to the Betty's late set-more fire!
Tank Chair
Squeezebox track : download MP3 (6M)
More skittishness from the s-q-z
Bikes or Blenders
Squeezebox track : download MP3 (7.3M)
Documenting your dreams.
Dread mix
dj Municiple mix download MP3 (179M)
Dubsoundsystem selectors Lord Dubious and Municiple deliver a mix of dread bass and vibes, perfect for these darkening days. This mix originally was posted at www.beatsgratis.blogspot.com to accompany an interview with Dub scholar and Wire journalist, Steve Barker. Get the tracklist.
Soul Purpose
dj Municiple mix download MP3 (90M)
DJ Jr. D brings the springtime soul on this hotmix. Getting ready for the picnics and halter tops of warmer times, this mix is smooth like butter and tasty like candy. Rollerskates optional.
Soul Purpose

312 Acid
dj Municiple mix download MP3 (74M)
312 Acid brings together some delicious nuggets of classic Chicago acid. This shit is all pre-773, yo's. Turn it up, hit the floor, jack jack jack jack your body. Acid house forever.
Halloween '05
Squeezebox track : download MP3 (9.1M)
A mysterious incantation, a cannibal, and the painful realization of one's own mortality. It can only mean one thing - Squeeze ate too much leftover halloween candy again.
Woodblock Prints
dj Municiple mix 10.31.2005 download MP3 (113M)
"Woodblock Prints" is 71 minutes of ambient and soundtrackish tracks, mixed by Municiple ala Traktor on October 31, 2005. For more municiple bidness, check myspace/municiple - tracklist
Circuit Breaker track: download MP3 (4M)
With a flick of my digital wrist comes this musical disk, dedicated to the man called Squeezebox McCoy. Big ups to all Neighborhood Watch crew, Big Mike Merrill and the one called Ferris. Mario, hold tight. Now bad bwoy selecta, play tune!
Loosen Up Tight
mix by Lord Dubious/Circuit Breaker: download MP3 (83M)
The infamous duo met up to create this mix for the BBC's radio show "On The Wire" (onthewire.uk.com). Broadcast date September 3, 2005. DubAcidFunk. Big ups to Jr. D and Barkers for making it happen.
Crunchy Digits
mix by Municiple: download MP3 (88M)
This is an electroid voodoo freakout beatdown by Chicago selector Municiple. When putting it together, the idea was to find a bunch of strange and outhere tracks and to put them together into a larger piece that is crunchy, beaty, moody and beautiful all at once. A headphone friendly celebration of all things that whirl and beep in the night.
Top Rockin'
Circuit Breaker mix: download MP3 (67M)
Summer Status 2005
Super Status mix: download MP3 (78M)
These cats dropped it inside the venue and you danced or nodded your head to it (or both). Now it's time to bring some home. Summertime vibrations from the Super Status Selectors.
Squeezebox is back
Squeezebox McCoy track: download MP3 (4M)
The dub soundsystem international creation process is here in full effect, with Circuit Breaker (aka Lord Dubious) and Municiple creating the beats in Beijing and Chicago and then the video coming into effect in Chicago. Get the video here. Check out www.swagon.com for more video goodness from the heart. Stay tuned for more from Municiple, Circuit Breaker and other mechanics of tomfoolery soon.